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The era of the a-hole

Black or white, liberal or conservative, rapper or politician — it doesn’t matter. If you want to make a name for yourself, be an asshole.

Humility is so last century.


6 thoughts on “The era of the a-hole Leave a comment

  1. I bet Sarah Palin is glad Ted Cruz came along. Objectify and demonize – the liberal playbook.

  2. Not buying it. Al Gore calls anyone who doesn’t accept his crap about global climate a “denier”, putting them on the same moral page with Holocaust deniers. No one in the media calls him on it, because they are on “the same team”. Our society is suffused with this kind of rot.

  3. Obama is a foreigner. Obama is a Muslim. Obama is a terrorist. Obama hates America. Oh, wait. That’s not demonizing. That’s just honest debate.

  4. Oh good grief. Sure there is a fringe. But the demonizing of Ted Cruz is an all-out onslaught by everyone in the media. One thing about Democrats, you don’t have to wonder who they fear.

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