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Ted Cruz: ‘We need a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate’

He’d probably call McCarthy 2.0 Cruz “one of the good ones.”

The Daily Beast’s Jamelle Bouie frames Cruz’s praise of Helms in the context of the GOP’s far-right tilt:

When then-Senator Trent Lott praised Strom Thurmond and his segregationist campaign for president in 1948—”We voted for him. We’re proud of it.”—it all but cost him his career. In a sane world, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz would also be on the political ropes, in his case, for cheering the late Jesse Helms of North Carolina, an unreconstructed bigot who devoted his life to the defense of white supremacy and the advancement of far-right politics. Instead, Cruz—who in many ways is the ideological successor to Helms—will lose nothing, and continue to act as the avatar for forces that will destroy the Republican Party if they aren’t stopped.

3 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: ‘We need a hundred more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate’ Leave a comment

  1. Why would promoting “the advancement of far-right politics” endanger a politician’s career? To an hysterical far-left bigot, sure; they are the ones who would put conservatives like me in an Auschwitz oven. People like Bouie want to shout down all who disagree with them. It is abhorrent. It in fact is intolerant.

  2. How does calling out Helms as a bigot — which he was — make someone a “hysterical far-left bigot”?

    As for the ridiculous Auschwitz comment, sounds like someone has been listening to too much Glenn Beck.

  3. The article says “in a sane world, Cruz would also be on the political ropes”. The article is about Ted Cruz, not Jesse Helms.

    Glenn Beck is silly. But leftists in America have been shouting down their opposition at least since the 1960s. Thomas Sowell had a column touching on this back in May.

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