The 5 best movie cameos

A list of the 50 Greatest Movie Cameos and no mention of Howard Cosell? Shameful.

  1. The Man, “Bananas”  

  2. Alec Baldwin, “Glengarry Glen Ross” 

  3. Chuck Low, aka Morrie the Toupee Salesman from “Goodfellas,” in “The King of Comedy” 

My favorite bit of trivia from this flick:

Robert De Niro used anti-Semitic remarks to anger Jerry Lewis while filming the scene where Rupert Pupkin crashes Jerry Langford’s country home. Lewis, who had never worked with method actors, was shocked and appalled, but delivered an extremely credible performance.

  1. Buster Keaton, “Sunset Boulevard” 

  2. Peter Sellers, “Being There” (not as Chauncey, but as Peter Sellers) 


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