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Only racists eat vanilla ice cream

George H.W. Bush, by most accounts a decent guy (and a better president than given credit for), just did a very cool thing, shaving his head in solidarity with the cancer-stricken son of one of his Secret Service agents.

I would hope your reaction is something along the lines of, “nice gesture” or “that’s cool.”

Not this:

How come the Secret Service is so heavily white and male even as the military reaches out, while recruiting, to women and minorities especially blacks and Latinos? Can a head of state request that his Secret Service detail exclusively come from a certain demographic?

The worst part is that their they’re all not merely ‘white’, but that specific, frat-boyish, blond-hair, blue-eyes, sunburned skin, Grandma’s fried-chicken and cornbread, Protestant, football-playing then football-watching demographic that so typifies racial divisions.


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  1. My reaction was – “Jesus! How many people does it take to safe-guard a single ex-president?”

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