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If it feels good don’t do it

The New Republic takes on Puritanical progressives:

I am only suggesting that we resist thinking of Puritanism as the only, or optimal, parenting style for liberals, for two reasons. First, thinking that Puritanism—whether a preference for organic foods or natural fibers or home-birthing—is somehow constitutive of a liberal politics is rather insulting to liberalism. Most of the middle-class “liberal” parents I know have allowed lifestyle decisions about what they wear, eat, and drive to entirely replace a more ambitious program for bettering society; they have no particular beliefs about how to end poverty or strengthen the labor movement, and they don’t understand Obamacare, or really want to. It’s enough that they make their midwife-birthed children substitute guava nectar for sugar.


One thought on “If it feels good don’t do it Leave a comment

  1. This is what passes for enlightened thinking on the left?
    “Strengthening the labor movement” is hardly a value upon which a society can be built or operate. The problem with today’s progressivism is that it is a road to nowhere. There are no shared values, no fundamental truths. Only an ad hoc, crazy quilt of individuals deciding, with the assistance of the NYT, what they believe today. It is why our civilization is foundering.

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