Why cracker is not the ‘C-word’

One thought on “Why cracker is not the ‘C-word’”

  1. I think you make an interesting observation, Malcontent, but for once I agree with Rocker. It’s true that all words have more meaning in context, but Rocker’s point is that what’s true for one group should be true for the other. If one word has racial undertones but is not generally offensive, it’s still racist, just like the other word that has racial undertones that is generally offensive. You’re splitting hairs otherwise, and you’re condoning the idea that certain pejorative language is OK for some but not OK for others. If the goal is to eradicate racism, it has to be eradicated from current use, not just in certain context.

    Whether or not Jeantel or Martin meant “cracker” as a racial pejorative will never be known, but I’d bet my money that the six female jurors view it as that, rightly or wrongly.

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