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About this Snowden fella …

Most people have already formed an opinion about the NSA leaker, despite only knowing the broad strokes (though I’m quite troubled that such operations have been outsourced to the private sector).

While I’m trying to avoid rushing to conclusions, I agree with Andrew Sullivan that some of Edward Snowden’s language reeks of paranoia.

You have to let go of the idea that this is some architecture of oppression – which suggests an active agency of persecution – and a system of laws (misguided or not) that we the people have endorsed through our representatives. And could repeal at any time. You have to let go of it for one reason alone: it simply is not true.

That Glenn Beck and Michael Moore proclaimed Snowden a hero also gives me pause.

And I’m reflexively wary of guys with soul patches who wear geek chic eyeglasses.

But I could be wrong. Let’s wait until we know a bit more before determining whether Snowden is a hero or villain.


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