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Rednecks making crude pronouncements on Facebook

Source: 45-year-old Southern gal

Smoke pot wen u wake up… Ha Ha…start 4:20 early… Its a gr8 thing .. Weed i mean.. did i really jus post that … YEP DAMN SURE DID.. O MY IMAGINE THAT.. LMAO..

That pic of my biscuits looks really good rite now ..LOL.. MAYBE WIT SUM SAUSAGE GRAVY 2 POUR OVER TOP…yep now im talkin bussiness Bet hell thats a Bank it 4 real…YUMMY..:-O:-P

CrAzEeE girl… Jus add coffee n bud… A WIRED STONER…really tho im completley harmless…a lil old school maybe 2…dont call me a hyparcrite tho… I aint hiding from a thing n yeah i smoke a lil weed and woship God.. im real bout it unlike sum closet fake people…thing here is i dont care wat u say much less wat u think… Thatll never change…..

Hey Fam.. Got a question… Wat do ya think the neighbors mite say if i blast sum DARK LOTUS… SEXY… AT MY TIME 8:40 AM… HA HA IM FIXIN 2 FIND OUT…. SING IT WITH ME… BITCH IM THE SEXIEST KILLA U KNOW COME EQUIPT WITH AN AXE N SOME LOVE HANDLES… VAMPIRE OUT THE WATER STR8 2 LAND… i love violent jay n his little background comments . Haha gr8 shit…hes like can i get a head shot… Lemme c them titties….WICKID WEDNESDAY.. WHOOP WHOOP MCL…THATS ALL OF U HATCHET SWINGIN HOMIES…


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