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Ethan Hawke’s charm offensive won’t work on me

According to Gawker, Ethan Hawke “did a Reddit AMA this morning and was so freaking charming everyone’s heads fell off and rolled away.”

Said one commenter, “There seems to be a lot of Ethan Hawke haters out there, and I’ve never understood why. Admittedly, he’s a pretty middle of the road actor, but that’s about the worst thing I can think to say about him. Anyone?”

That’s why I’m here.

I was staring at myself through the window into the driver’s-side mirror; I do that all the time. I’ll stare into anything that reflects. That’s not a flattering quality, and I wish I didn’t do it, but I do. I’m vain as hell. It’s revolting.

Most of the time when I’m looking in the mirror, I’m checking to see if I’m still here or else I’m wishing I was somebody else, a Mexican bandito or somebody like that. I have a mustache. Most guys with mustaches look like fags, but I don’t. I touch mine too much, though. I touch it all the time.

Excerpted from Hawke’s novel “Ash Wednesday”



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