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Missing Bob Dole

Nice article in GQ on 88-year-old Bob Dole, one of my favorites. I appreciated his biting humor — at a reunion of former presidents  Carter, Ford and Nixon,  Dole dubbed them “See no evil, hear no evil and evil” — along with his openness to compromise.

All that is anathema to today’s Tea Party Republicans, who would probably question Dole’s patriotism.


Bob Dole, GOP



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  1. One of your favorites? I am sure. Republican losers are “noble” to liberals, while Republicans who win are “evil”. I don’t question Dole’s patriotism, but I question his value. Another middle-of-the-road loser, like McCain. Conservatives win elections; moderates lose them. Wanting to be all things to all people results in being nothing to anyone.

  2. Winning or losing has nothing to do w/ it — it’s his acerbic wit I appreciate. How come so many conservatives are quick to rush to war but disdain candidates who’ve actually served in the military? (see post about that loser Joe Walsh).

  3. Oh, I like Dole personally. But he is just another career politician. HE profited handsomely from his time in D.C., while the U.S. slid toward oblivion.

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