Loony GOP conspiracy theory du jour

There are rational reasons to vote against T-SPLOST, Georgia’s Transportation Investment Act, but this ain’t one of them:

The tax and the people behind it are part of a United Nations plot called Agenda 21.

Laugh if you like. The topic is now center stage in Cobb County, as part of the debate over the penny sales tax, and the contest for chairman of the county commission as well.

Those who aren’t hardcore GOP will need a bit of background. Agenda 21 is also known as the “Rio Declaration on Environment and Development,” and was adopted in 1992 at a conference in Brazil.

In most languages, the report is a vacuous U.N. document that declares the need for a “sustainable” world environment. But to a certain segment of those who speak Republican, it is a secret declaration of war.

Bill Byrne, a leading challenger in the race for Cobb County Commission Chairman, has made this wingnut conspiracy theory a centerpiece of his campaign.

In an interview, Byrne all but declared the [Atlanta Regional Commission] to be an agent of the United Nations and its plan to erase suburbia.

“The T-SPLOST is an ARC-driven agenda. It is not a Georgia [Department of Transportation] or General Assembly-driven agenda,” said Byrne, a 2002 GOP candidate for governor.

The ARC has designated the U.S. 41/I-75 corridor as a future path for high density, high-rise growth, Byrne pointed out. “That’s Agenda 21 101.”

Another example: As commission chairman, Byrne was an advocate for constructing four-foot wide sidewalks along county roads for use by pedestrians and joggers.

The county is now constructing an eight-foot wide multi-use trail along Dallas Highway in west Cobb. “That’s Agenda 21,” Byrne said. “Bicycles and pedestrian traffic as an alternative form of transportation to the automobile.”

A question for my Republican readers: Aren’t you concerned that a sizable portion of your party has been taken over by certified lunatics?

One response to “Loony GOP conspiracy theory du jour”

  1. I don’t think it is a “sizable portion” of the GOP. I don’t know anyone who thinks the way this guy Byrne does.

    Worry more about the Democrats. They live and feed off the unemployed and the lunatic like OWS, the Nation of Islam, and Hank Johnson.

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