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5 things I could live w/o

Back from a brief hiatus, still disgruntled. Might as well make a list.

Diesel on Highland Ave. Stuff those giant Red Sox and Cubs flags up your ass. You’re an Atlanta bar, act like it.

David Gregory. The smarmy “Meet the Press” moderator is master of the obvious question, a walking, talking regurgitator of conventional wisdom.

Asking potential VP nominees if they’d accept a nomination to be VP. 99 percent of them would, but 0 percent are going to acknowledge it. Why ask?

The deification of LeBron James. He’s been calling himself “the Chosen One” (tattooed on his back) for years. Now that he’s won a title the slobbering sports media is following suit, falling all over themselves heralding “all that he’s overcome” to win a championship. They seem to forget those obstacles were self-imposed.

Joe Paterno’s defenders. The Penn State coach passed the buck when told by an eyewitness his longtime assistant had raped a 10-year-old boy. Protecting the program took precedence over the victims, and for that Penn State deserves college football’s death penalty. SMU received it for paying players. Penn State deserves it for enabling a monster.


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