Birthers, guns and money

The GOP’s immaturity knows no bounds.

The Montana Republican Party showcased a bullet-ridden outhouse described as the “Obama Presidential Library” at their state convention over the weekend.

Delegates took pictures with the outhouse, which featured what was described as a “fake birth certificate” for Obama in an effort to showcase the birther movement,The Missoulian reported.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich, speaking at the Montana convention, called on Mitt Romney to announce that paying income taxes should be voluntary. Seriously.

How many gross caricatures will the GOP embrace?

One response to “Birthers, guns and money”

  1. This is all strategy to get rid of the democrats. Since the Obama policies are now pretty much all Republican policies until Reagan there is no democratic party anymore – but an actual center-right party. The Republican party however was surprised how dumb the people are and just plays along.

    Another theory is that the education policies from the Republicans (no Child left behind) pays off and they attract more voters – the dumb struck and idiots. However, you have to play along with them and dumb yourself down…wonder when actual smart Republicans give up and switch the party.

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