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Why doesn’t Green Bay need a new stadium?

If the Falcons need a new home to remain competitive, explain Green Bay’s success playing in Lambeau Field, built in 1957?

A new stadium guarantees nothing — and that includes hosting a Super Bowl.


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  1. It will gaurantee there’ll be half a billion taxpyater dollars unavailable for schools, roads, cops, fire stations, transit, etc. But I can’t wait to hang out at the brewpubs, theaters and skate parks in Vine City.

  2. The Packers have renovated Lambeau several times since it was built, and the most recent renovations are being finished this summer. They are adding seats to the south end zone, closing the “bowl” of the stadium.

    Most of the money for this most recent renovation was raised via stock sale this past winter. While derided by many financial experts at the time since Packers stock cannot be sold and shareholders reap very few benefits, everyone can now see what can be done without going to the taxpayers and asking for public funds. Don’t tell that to the Vikings, though – they practically held the MN state lege at gunpoint, threatening to relocate to LA if the (almost broke) gov’t. didn’t chip in for a new stadium. They got their cash.

  3. Fuck the Spano’s! There is nothing wrong with the Qualcomm. This is nothing more than a money grab!!!!!!!

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