Vine City, meet Summerhill

Billionaire Arthur Blank wants to use taxpayer dollars to fund a new stadium. He says it could help lure an MLS franchise to Atlanta but, in case he hasn’t noticed, no one gives a damn about professional soccer. And no one should believe his claim that a new home for the Falcons will improve the surrounding neighborhoods. Yeah, just like Turner Field benefitted Summerhill.

Blank told the crowd — which booed the very mention of an open-air stadium ‐ that he hopes the facility will be a “win-win” for everyone involved, including the surrounding communities. He said the team wants the new arena to “make a difference in people’s lives” who live in downtown, Vine City, and English Avenue.

“We are committed to developing a vision with political and social leadership to build something that won’t just be a stadium but will change lives in downtown,” he said. “And those areas that have not changed because of development in downtown Atlanta, we want to make sure they do change because of our commitment.”

I hope no one falls for that bullshit, sure to be recycled by the mayor and other civic boosters.

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