Another Hollywood A-lister goes Republican

Move over, Pat Sajak: In the last week we’ve seen “High School High” star Jon Lovitz and Beach Boys keyboardist Bruce Johnston (who replaced Brian Wilson after the group was no longer relevant) join the ranks of Hollywood heavyweights against Obama.

Sure, the Democrats have “Batman and Robin” star George Clooney but the GOP can counter with “Superman” Dean Cain. Scarlett Johansson? Whatever. I’d like to see her rock the cornrows a la GOP babe Bo Derek.

Ray Stevens. Victoria Jackson. Susan Lucci. I could go on for minutes. The Democrats may have the majority of Hollywood support but the Republicans have all the talent.

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3 Comments on Another Hollywood A-lister goes Republican

  1. Jack Straw // May 12, 2012 at am //

    Lovitz says he has always been a Democrat, but he is tired of the war on success and achievement. Why should that make him an object of ridicule? Hard work is punished; sloth is rewarded. Those are facts.

  2. wuky // May 16, 2012 at pm //

    You’re point, Malcontent, is well taken. But should the GOP be ashamed for NOT having any Hollywood A-listers? By the way, you forgot to mention winner Jon Voight. I believe he won an Academy Award, even.

  3. No, they’re all assholes. Just poking fun.

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