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Indiana Republicans choose talk show host over statesman

Mourdock, who had been criticized as overly partisan by Lugar and others, defended his approach Wednesday. He said he believes bipartisanship should consist of Democrats coming over to the GOP way of thinking.

Well that’s encouraging.


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  1. Lugar has not bothered to keep a residence in Indiana for many years. Apparently that hurt him. But gee, isn’t 36 years enough?

    Just finished the latest volume on LBJ by Robert Caro, and it reinforces my belief that the biggest problem in federal politics is the lack of term limits for the legislative branch.

  2. It wasn’t Lugar’s address or experience that lost him the election. It was his refusal to become an uncompromising Rush Limbaugh drone that did in Lugar. (I’m for term limits, BTW, but I’d prefer an over-tenured mainstream conservative to an uncompromising tea partier any day).

  3. Did the exit polls show that voters in the primary cast their ballots for an “uncompromising Rush Limbaugh drone”? I missed that.

    Saying that you are for term limits, but not if it would benefit a Tea Party candidate, is not a principled position. We ALL would term limit those we disagree with!

  4. I didn’t read the exit polls but that’s who they voted for. Obviously GOP primary voters view reasonable candidates suspiciously.

  5. A “reasonable” Republican would not have voted to confirm Sotomayor and Kagan. Both are too extremist to be on the Supreme Court (and Sotomayor is a racist to boot). Lugar also co-sponsored the DREAM act. So, a conservative ran to his right. Just so.

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