Obama’s silence on death of George ‘Goober’ Lindsey speaks volumes

Some conservatives will go to great lengths to recycle ridiculous conspiracies, such as the one that claims Obama hates honkies. While its good to see a conservative with decent taste in music, The Washington Times’ Joseph Curl’s suggestion that racism is behind the lack of a public statement from the president on the death of MCA is beyond absurd.

Now, half-white Barack Obama (exactly my age) didn’t say a word, even though he was talking to college kids that day, but make no mistake, MCA was no Jay-Z or Kanye West. This guy was the real deal, groundbreaker, up from his bootstraps, Brooklyn boy made good. Funny the “coolest president ever” doesn’t say a word about the passing of MCA. Weird and kinda sad, actually.

I didn’t know Jay-Z grew up next door to the Romneys.

The president took time from his busy schedule to comment on the passing of black musicians. When Whitney Houston, a longtime crack addict, died this year, the White House put out a statement. “I know that [Mr. Obama‘s] thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially her daughter,” press secretary Jay Carney said. “It’s a tragedy to lose somebody so talented at such a young age.”

And when accused pedophile and drug addict Michael Jackson died in 2009, the White House weighed in with the president’s thoughts. “He said to me that obviously, Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer, a music icon,” spokesman Robert Gibbs said. “And his condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss.”

Curl conveniently neglects to mention that my mother and yours know who Houston and Jackson are. They’ve probably never heard of Adam Yauch. Obama, like all presidents, was responding to a media-driven communal mourning, not editorializing on whose life was more valuable.

Besides, MJ is white.

Of course, if Obama had noted the passing of Yauch, conservatives would have criticized him for lauding a left-wing activist.

One response to “Obama’s silence on death of George ‘Goober’ Lindsey speaks volumes”

  1. He didn’t comment on the NJ mom with the tanning problem, either!

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