5 thoughts on “The last word on anti-American Memorial Day

  1. Condescending to the men who died resolving the slavery issue 150 years after the fact reveals an insecure mind. Grant and Lincoln certainly didn’t share your sentiment.

  2. Grant and Lincoln didn’t believe the Confederates nearly destroyed the country? They resolved the slavery issue because they fought and lost — thankfully. My criticism is aimed at those who romanticize that lost cause. Your criticism makes no sense.

  3. No, your criticism also is aimed at the soldiers who died. You are ashamed to be from the south, and that’s too bad.

    I recommend a healthy dose of Fugitive poetry. You can be an elitist and still be proud of your Southern heritage.

  4. I’m only ashamed to be from the South (and I bet my roots run deeper than yours) when fellow Southerners romanticize the past.

    That’s about as obnoxious a comment as you’ve made on this blog.

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