The island of misfit gays

Finally, my decade-long movement to free my fellow gays from the harsh confines of the stereotypical closet has attracted some lackeys. Okay, so it wasn’t exactly a movement, just a caustic guest column in the L.A. Times and lots of complaining to anyone who’d listen.

I wouldn’t say the tide is turning (almost every sitcom/reality show features the gay accessory character, i.e. the shallow, stereotypical queen whose sole purpose is to entertain equally shallow, rich white women), but there are signs of progress.

“There’s a condescending attitude that gay entertainment has to involve drag shows or men being effeminate,” says Brent Sullivan, a New York-based comedian. “I did a show in Chelsea the other day where there was this screaming queen who did a lot better than I did. Even homophobes could enjoy that because you are putting yourself into this box that they’ve created for you. But I think we haven’t challenged the gay-friendly straight men of this world to actually enjoy a gay character or enjoy gay entertainment because we haven’t given them anything to enjoy.”

Sullivan is the co-creator of the webseries “It Gets Betterish,” an occasionally brilliant and well-overdue skewering of gay  culture. Watch as they try to dodge an obnoxious wannabe fag hag and struggle to giveaway Lady Gaga tickets (they’re not fans):

Why is Edward Burns allowed to keep making the same crappy movie?

For nearly 20 years the introspective, provincial Queens-bred filmmaker has been making movies about introspective, provincial Queens-bred newlyweds (or soon-to-be-weds) who hang out with their rowdy bros from high school and wrestle interminably with existential issues like starting relationships, staying in relationships or ending relationships.

I can’t even make it through this trailer.