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Godless New Yorkers boo Jesus Jr.

Te-boo! Jets’ QB gets Bronx cheer at Yanks game 

I can’t help but wonder how Turner Field fans would treat Tim Tebow. Would their love of Jesus overcome their hatred of the Florida Gators?

Meanwhile, those eager to interpret Tebow’s Bronx cheer as yet another broadside in the “war on Christianity” are advised to remember New York has two pro football teams. Giants fans are going to boo Jets players, and vice-versa.





2 thoughts on “Godless New Yorkers boo Jesus Jr. Leave a comment

  1. The City of New York is waging a court battle to boot all churches from the public schools. For decades scores of small denominations have rented public school property for services during non-school hours, a common practice all over America. Presumably, New Yorkers support this exclusion. There is, in fact, a war on Christianity. There is no reason under the sun for New York to do this.

    Read Mark Steyn’s column about Jews having to leave Europe. No one will stand up to the muslims, but the Christians are next.

  2. I think Christians living in countries like Iraq, Egypt and China would find the idea of American Christians being persecuted a tad offensive.

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