Schadenfreude was invented for Bobby Petrino

The duplicitous jackass was fired tonight, against the wishes of redneck Razorback fans. Jeff Schultz has the gory details.

 Over 21,000 Arkansas fans have joined a “Team Save Bobby Petrino” Facebook page. Some-200 fans showed up for a public protest to save the job of a man who for the better part of his career has proved to be a liar, a coward and morally bankrupt — all of which might matter if he went 7-6 instead of 11-2 last season.

One carried a sign that read, “What’s wrong with scoring in the offseason?”

Another one read, “Define Innappropriate” (sic).

Another read: “Blond Hair. Don’t care. #FreeBobby” – and that one was held up by a woman.

And that pretty much explains why I’m not a fan of college football.

 There are times when humor is appropriate. This isn't one of them.

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