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Tebow steals Jesus’ thunder

There’s something untoward about Tim Tebow’s much-hyped appearance at a Texas megachurch this Sunday.

Tebow is scheduled to address the Celebration Church in Georgetown, north of Austin. Church spokeswoman Tara Wall told The Associated Press that Tebow reached out to the church about a month ago and said he wanted to speak.

People attending the non-denominational service will sit on lawn chairs and blankets. Wall said Friday about 1,100 volunteers are involved in running the event on the church’s 110-acre grounds. …

Wall says Sunday’s service will be like “an outside concert event.”

Note to church: Sunday is Easter, where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, not the ascension of a middling quarterback.

For the record, I doubt Jesus would attend a church that owns 110 acres.




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3 thoughts on “Tebow steals Jesus’ thunder Leave a comment

  1. The article mentions that these so-called Christians also left just after Tebow spoke when the actual Easter ceremony began.

  2. The only people leaving were the massive numbers of godless liberal journalists.

  3. You can’t be liberal and believe in God. Jack, you think Jesus would cut taxes for rich people and slash benefits for the poor?

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