Karma du jour

Atlantans despise Bobby Petrino, and with good reason. As one of his assistants with the Falcons said of Petrino, who left Atlanta before finishing his first season — without telling his staff or players, “He’s a gutless bastard.”

He’s also a lying scumbag who should be fired but probably won’t be because he coaches at a “university” that places winning football above all else. If character mattered Arkansas wouldn’t have hired Petrino in the first place.

Bobby Petrino first said he’d spent Sunday with his family at a lake before hopping on his motorcycle. If he had, he wouldn’t be on administrative leave.

Turns out Petrino hadn’t been riding alone. Turns out, via the police report, that Petrino had been accompanied by a 25-year-old woman whom he’d just hired as the football team’s “student-athlete development coordinator.” (Note to would-be cover-uppers: Police reports are pesky things.) Turns out Petrino lied in his first public statements, same as he’d lied to Arthur Blank when he told the Falcons’ owner, “You’ve got yourself a football coach” — 27 hours before surfacing in Fayetteville, Ark.

3 responses to “Karma du jour”

  1. A majority of Atlantans have forgotten who Mr. Petrino is. Maybe never cared in the first place.

  2. May I see your poll results?

  3. That was a guess. It is not backed by research.

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