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Republicans should listen to Van Jones

Mitt Romney should heed Scary Black Socialist Man‘s advice and pick Condi Rice as veep.

She checks off a lot of boxes, as far as women, she’s a person of color, if the optics matter. But she’s actually tested. She is actually a national figure. She has foreign policy experience. She was secretary of state. And she’s sitting there.

Now people say, you know, you want to do something bold, put Condoleezza Rice on the ticket and watch the Obama campaign go crazy.

Romney could use some foreign policy expertise. His claim that Russia is “without question, our Number 1 geopolitical foe” is hyperbole at its worst. While Russia’s interests tend to run counter to our own they are hardly our greatest enemy — what about Islamic fundamentalism?






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  1. Interesting, and valid. But rather than try to split the black vote, Romney should pick an hispanic. Woman or man, doesn’t matter. Hispanics tend to be Catholic and socially conservative. The GOP needs to remind them who really represents their values.

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