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If only he had gotten Larry the Cable Guy’s endorsement

Apparently Jeff Foxworthy, who campaigned with Mitt Romney in the days leading up to the Redneck Belt primaries, is a bit too uptown for Republicans in Alabama and Mississippi.

Little do they know they just made President Obama very happy.

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  1. If gas is $7.00 a gallon come November, it won’t matter who the Republicans put up; they will beat Obama like a drum.

  2. Cause everybody knows the president controls gas prices. And Newt would get it down to $2.50 a gallon, right away. He said so. He’s going to tell all the Chinese to give up those cars they’ve always wanted, and he’s going to make half of the U.S. stop driving, and then he’s going to drill here, drill now so that we can tap the rest of the 2 percent of the world’s reserves that are here in the U.S. And then we’ll all get free cable and our first two divorces on the house too! Sadly, Jack, you’re probably right, though I doubt gas prices will go that high.

  3. The problem is B.O. isn’t doing enough to curb our dependence on foreign oil, which is the real issue. I think we’d be happy to pay more for gas if we were getting it from within rather than relying on despots in the Middle East. B.O. has fumbled the energy issue by saying No to Keystone, No to drilling in the Gulf, No to drilling in ANWAR, and No to opening the US’s oil reserves. He could be doing much more, but he isn’t. Only once it becomes politically necessary will he give in.

  4. I think it was Krauthammer wrote long ago that the federal government should tax gasoline at about $5.00 a gallon. It would curb consumption, and the money that we are hemorrhaging to the House of Saud would remain in the U.S., driving down the government’s cost of doing business and helping to keep the price of other goods low. It was a persuasive argument.

    I realize the president doesn’t directly control the cost of gas, but the price we pay at the pump is based largely on what the speculators think the price of crude will be at a future date. The issue of perception therefore becomes highly relevant. All of the things Wuky mentions would affect perception in a way that would be beneficial to the consumer. So, there is much that Obama could do that he is not doing. Instead, he will release several million gallons from the strategic reservv near the beginning of October, driving the price down a little until the election is over.

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