Bipartisan consensus on wasting Atlanta tax dollars

Mayor Kasim Reed has endorsed an unnecessary new football stadium for the Falcons, overlooking the city’s much more pressing needs in favor of billionaire welfare.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” the mayor told a crowd of roughly 150 people gathered to welcome the big-box retailer to the historic but beleaguered neighborhood. “Not far from here, in a little while, we’re going to have a conversation about building a world-class stadium that’s going to involve an investment hopefully in excess of $700 or $800 million.”

Vine City residents are advised to look at Summerhill when city and state leaders start tell them how their community will prosper because of a new stadium. Eight Sundays a year don’t an economic windfall make.

One response to “Bipartisan consensus on wasting Atlanta tax dollars”

  1. You kidding me? Fuwah, Azar’s, the six or eight vacant, blighted storefronts next to them — that hood is rocking on Braves game days.

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