Memo to Joe the Asshole: The media is not your P.R. arm

“Mr. Burns, your campaign has the momentum of a runaway train. Why are you so popular?”

It appears tea partiers take their cues from the Springfield despot when it comes to dealing with the media. Joe the Plumber, who on Tuesday secured the GOP nomination for Congress in Ohio, threw a hissy fit after a CNN anchor asked him if he still doesn’t want gay people “anywhere near” his children.

In an interview with CBS News’ Political Hotsheet, Wurzelbacher suggested that CNN had invited him on the show under false pretenses because “they asked me to come on the show to talk about what I want to do and accomplish,” and then questioned him on social issues.

Remember Sharron Angle, the dingbat U.S. Senate candidate from Nevada who couldn’t defeat Harry Reid in a Republican year? She refused to appear on any mainstream networks during her campaign because they wouldn’t let your ask for money or pimp her website.

The Angles and Wurzelbachers of the world exist in a bubble where it’s perfectly acceptable to spout homophobic slurs and speak in empty platitudes. The media’s job is not to regurgitate your propaganda — that’s what Fox and Friends are for.

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