Is there a man in Rihanna’s life who is not a damn fool?

Rihanna’s father, who recently told his daughter she was looking fat, gives his blessing to her doomed reunion with domestic abuser Chris Brown.

He told Heat magazine: ”Chris is a nice guy and everybody’s entitled to make mistakes in their life – God knows how many I’ve made.”

I’m so sick of people pardoning Brown on the basis that we all make “mistakes”. True, none of us are infallible, but most of us don’t beat the shit out of women

Likewise, most fathers of abused women don’t pardon the guy who put their daughter in the hospital.

The WH’s false narrative on Simpson-Bowles

Just saw Peter Orszag, Obama’s former OMB director, claim the White House abandoned the Simpson-Bowles plan because it had no chance of passing Congress.

That may be, but that’s a bullshit answer. There was, believe it or not, growing bipartisan consensus about the Simpson-Bowles plan that, while imperfect, it was a sober and constructive road map to economic sanity.

Obama mentioned it only in passing. Had he pushed it I’d have little doubt he’d coast to a second term. It would’ve shown a seriousness that the president has lacked concerning the deficit.

You can’t blame everything on the “party of no.”