America’s (worst) sheriff

The allegedly crooked and definitely racist sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona was an honored guest at the recent GOP presidential debate in Tucson. Rick Perry sought and received his endorsement.

Now Sheriff Joe Arpaio is claiming there is “probable cause” that Obama’s birth certificate was forged. That requires an unfathomable conspiracy but, as we’ve learned, facts don’t matter to the bomb throwers.

Nor does saving tax dollars, apparently. Presidential eligibility is a bit out of your jurisdiction, eh Sheriff Connor.

The legitimatization of fringe characters like Arpaio speaks volumes about today’s Republican Party. I don’t recall Democratic presidential candidates ever courting Cynthia McKinney for her nomination, and Arpaio is every bit as fringy as the former Georgia congresswoman.

There’s a new Alabama in town, and it’s Arizona.

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