3 thoughts on “Meh-lanta”

  1. Atlanta has been gutted by spectacularly stupid and venal politicians for more than a generation. You have watched much of this from a ring-side seat, and continued to vote for them. Don’t act surprised.

  2. Correction — we have voted for them. Atlanta is the state’s economic engine but Republicans like Sonny Perdue have chosen to invest in Middle Georgia fish ponds while ignoring urban interests. I’m not going to defend the leadership of Atlanta, but the state has done its best to promote the city’s malaise.

  3. That’s a fair statement, but Atlanta should be able to look out for itself. The rest of the state doesn’t have the economic leverage the City enjoys.

    Jefferson County, Alabama declared bankruptcy in November, even though the incorporated parts of the county have a 10% sales tax. Atlanta is headed the same place. Too many thieves, not enough leaders, year after year.

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