Streisand to endorse Romney

Closet liberal

Clint Eastwood is such a passionate fiscal conservative that when he married his second wife, Dina Ruiz, in 1996, he included her finances in his own personal deficit-reduction campaign. “My wedding present to her was paying off her credit cards,” he told me the other day, using his bungalow on the Warner Bros. lot as a staging area for interviews touting “J. Edgar,” his new film about longtime FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover. When I asked if he’d made any similar offers as, well, an anniversary gift, Eastwood said with a laugh, “No, I told her it was a one-time deal.”

Now Eastwood, who says he has never voted for a Democrat, is being accused by conservative propagandists like Karl Rove and Michelle Malkin of serving as a pawn in some Chicago-style brainwashing. Because, as you know, EVERYTHING is a political metaphor and/or Obama conspiracy.

Good thing Rove and Malkin weren’t exposed to Sunday’s halftime pep talks. No doubt the respective coaches urged their players to come together for the common good, as Eastwood did in the Chrysler ad.

Just waiting for someone to call Eastwood a commie.

One response to “Streisand to endorse Romney”

  1. The commercial was good, makes me want to vote for him. I guess he is this old school conservative that is called blue-dog democrat today – plus he can be honest since he is not a politician….

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