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Word for the day: Paternapologists

Named for those who insist it’s wrong to judge Joe Paterno, as if most of us would choose our legacies over the welfare of children.

Jason Keidel unloads:

Sorry to break the big group hug, but while you’ve been drooling over Paterno, a village of boys was shattered by Paterno’s top dog. (Allegedly!) And this is fine with you, as long as Paterno is an arm’s length from blame. Funny how the buck always stopped at Paterno’s door – except when it came to Sandusky. Even the most savage Paterno detractors (like me) wouldn’t object to a silent prayer for Paterno’s wife and kids. But these endless, mindless vigils, chanting while bowing to a broken man whom, I bet, died from a cancerous conscience as much as anything.




One thought on “Word for the day: Paternapologists Leave a comment

  1. Why didn’t anyone ask Paterno the question “Would you have allowed your own grandchildren to be alone with Sandusky?” before his death?

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