Nike founder Phil Knight: Paterno the real victim

6 thoughts on “Nike founder Phil Knight: Paterno the real victim”

  1. “If I was told that one of my charges had witnessed a colleague raping a 10-year-old my reaction would’ve been swift and certain. You would do the same, assuming you’re not a coward more concerned with your legacy than the health and welfare of defenseless children.”

    Amen. That’s really all it boils down to.

  2. Viewing the situation through the eyes of the boy and his family puts Paterno’s “contributions” as a football coach into perspective.

  3. In our imaginations we all behave heroically when the situation demands. Reality, however, intrudes: we all act out of self-interest. Paterno did the same. Doesn’t make him a bad man, just a common one.

  4. There’s nothing heroic about wanting to see justice for children who have been raped. It’s basic decency. I’ll allow Paterno had done many fine things over his life but I’m confident I’d place a child’s welfare over protecting my “legacy” any day of the week. So would most people.

  5. For Paterno to surrender everything and face down his bosses, as well as his friends, to protect a 10 year old boy he never met, would have been heroic. He was less than that. He followed his self-interest. Most, though I concede not all, of us, would do the same.

  6. Face down the bosses — he was the boss. Joe Paterno was Penn State. All he had to do is follow up. He fired Sandusky — why? He didn’t want the program tainted.

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