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Don’t blame everybody else, Newt

If I was falsely accused by my significant other of dumping them six months after learning they had MS I’d make sure everyone knew it wasn’t true.

If you’re Newt Gingrich, you play the victim and blame the media. And if you’re a hypocritical Republican, you eat it up with a spoon.

Smug condescension used to be vice. So did cheating on your wife while castigating others for doing the same thing.

But Newt’s enablers on the right will let him get away with it. Imagine if ABC held a story about Bill Clinton’s infidelity until AFTER the New Hampshire primary, as many suggested should have happened with the Gingrich story.

A few side notes:

  • Newt’s two daughters, from his first wife, work for him or within the conservative movement.
  • He may claim Georgia, but Newt was born in Pennsylvania. He’d be the second president from the keystone state; the first, James Buchanan, “assumed leadership … when an unprecedented wave of angry passion was sweeping over the nation.” The Civil War followed.
  • Memo to John King: Objectivity doesn’t mean you have to be a pussy. Hypocrisy always merits a follow-up.

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  1. Amen. Newt’s a master at playing the victim card. Didn’t win Iowa because of Romney’s negative ads. Didn’t qualify for VA ballot because of fraud. Doesn’t have to answer questions about allegations he asked for an open marriage with his second wife because of the liberal media. Blame, blame, blame. And this guy is trying to garner the conservative vote? As Georgians, we should be ashamed this guy calls us his own.

  2. Newsweek was sitting on the Lewinsky story, trying to bury it, but their hand was forced by Matt Drudge. So, I CAN imagine ABC holding off on a story that is detrimental to a Democrat.
    The difference is that by 1997 Clinton was president.
    When the Gennifer Flowers story ran in 1992 it was still primaries and a lot of liberals were behind Paul Tsongas or Jerry Brown. They wouldn’t have minded one bit destroying that hick from Arkansas.

  3. The Lewinsky story wasn’t buried — it required considerable vetting because these were fresh allegations made against a sitting president. The accusations against Newt were well-known. His ex-wife finally decided to go public. Should her voice not be heard?

    The hypocrisy from many on the right, including fellow thrice-married conservative Rush Limbaugh, is staggering.

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