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Want to make the world a more dangerous place? Elect Rick Perry

What a fucking moron.

Governor Perry might want to notice that there are many differences between Turkey and Iran. … Turkey still hosts that Incirlik Airbase where the young Rick Perry says he was stationed but where he apparently did not bother to learn anything about his host country. If anything, US-Turkish military relations are on an upswing…Ironically, Perry is doing what he accuses Obama of– making an ally nervous and uncertain.

He meant “making a white and/or Jewish ally nervous and uncertain.”

Can’t wait ’til Perry and Palin run for BMOC and prom queen of the Republic of Texas. The official state network will feature the wisecracking E-trade baby anchoring the daily propaganda report.


2 thoughts on “Want to make the world a more dangerous place? Elect Rick Perry Leave a comment

  1. U.S.-Turkish military relations are NOT on an upswing. That is not to excuse Perry’s inability to address cogently our delicate relationship with Erdogan’s Turkey. I think I know what Perry wanted to say, and to an extent, I likely agree with him. But we’ll never know, because the man cannot speak. What is it about Texas that destroys all precepts of grammar and syntax?

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