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The Year in Dish ‘n ‘Dat

It was a big year for our Hollywood correspondent Sheldon Greenbriar, whose public bout with amyl nitrate addiction will soon be a TV movie starring Paul Reiser. Despite his personal struggles @ShelGreenbriar still managed to accrue more Twitter followers than @JimJBullock .

  • Margaret Cho is Japanese for Funny Lady.
  • Ppl. ask why I don’t write a tell-all. I say it’s no one’s business what Pat O’Brien did with that goat.
  • I must be (liquid) dreaming: O-Town is reuniting!
  • Just wondering: So many people seem to use Netflix, but I never see any Netflix deliverymen.
  • I wish Shirley Hemphill was alive to see “what’s happening” in Egypt.
  • Exclusive: Ted Danson, Tom Selleck and Steve Guttenberg to reunite for “Three Men and a Troubled Tween.”
  • I nominate Shields and Yarnell to host next year’s Oscars.
  • In times like these I thank God for Yoko Ono!
  • Happy 46th to my good friend Suge Knight. I think it’s actually his 48th, but I won’t tell if you don’t. :)
  • New “Madea” movie brings us ever closer to achieving Dr. King’s dream.
  • Happy 64th birthday to @KimCarnes If only I had YOUR eyes!
  • I used to not care much for the gays until I started watching #AList. Thanks, #Logo, for opening my eyes, and my heart.
  • I can’t believe I’m the only one to ask @CarrieFisher about her bravura turn in the 1984 classic “Garbo Talks” #DragonCon
  • What’s with all the geeks? #DragonCon
  • Asked @LouFerrigno if Arnold @Schwarzenegger ‘s success ever made him ‘green’ with envy. #DragonCon
  • How come no one names their kid #Nipsey anymore?…
  • Am i a fan of #beaches ? You bet your midler! @bettemidler
  • Take it from someone who knows: #LeifGarrett is not a reliable sponsor.
  • Sorry, Barbara Walters, but @FranDrescher was the most #fascinating person of 2011. @WeLuvFran





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  1. When are you (or Sheldon) going to talk about the new movie starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton as heroines crossing racial divides and bridging their differences to help a choir of disadvantaged kids win a singing competition (my summary of the movie may not be on point; this is what I’ve gathered from suffering through the previews on TV).

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