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Larry King: ‘Of all the film critic whores, Shawn Edwards is the whoriest’

“My job as a critic is to appreciate the whole spectrum of cinema. As a critic I’m allowed my opinion. I don’t understand these guys. I think as a younger guy I have a wider appreciation for all types of film. I mean, everything is not going to be a ‘Citizen Kane.’ But I’ve been quoted on two of the five movies nominated for best picture, too. So my taste can’t be all that bad. I liked ‘White Chicks,’ and that film did $75 million. I’m not ashamed. I also like ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Ray.’ But I don’t like everything. I did not like ‘Sideways.’”

That was alleged film critic Shawn Edwards defending his whoredom, from 2006. Time hasn’t made him any more discriminating, as he’s once again been named eFilmCritic’s Whore of the Year.

Yes, but the scarf gives him credibility.

  • “Cameron Diaz gets an A+! It’s flat out the funniest performance of the year.” (Bad “Teacher)
  • “Colin Farrell is unbelievably funny. **** The funniest comedy of the year!” (Horrible Bosses)
  • “**** A genuinely funny and touching comedy classic. You can’t help but love this movie!” (50/50)
  • “A total laugh riot! Rowan Atkinson has never been funnier.” (Johnny English Reborn)
  • “The Wolfpack delivers again!” (The Hangover Part II)
  • “Refreshingly funny and heartfelt. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts will put the biggest smile on your face this summer.” (Larry Crowne)
  • “The coolest, freshest and sexiest movie about life, love and relationships in years! It’s this generation’s When Harry Met sally. You’ll love this movie.” (Friends with Benefits)
  • “Great music, and good times. You’ll love it!” (Country Strong)
  • “An adrenaline fueled thrill ride with 5x the action and 5x the excitement. Five times the action, excitement and fun. A non-stop thrill ride! It will make your jaw drop and heart pound.” (Fast Five)
  • “Stylish and completely romantic! One of the most epic love stories ever.” (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1)

And of course, Edwards loved “New Year’s Eve.”

“It’s a celebration! Jump start your holidays.”






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