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Gays, stop making celebs role models

Ex.: Rosie O’Donnell, who perpetuates the prevailing wisdom that gays need to be protected, defended and patronized. We’re not all victims, and asking for that kind of treatment will lead to a state of perpetual dissatisfcation. And lots of feuds.

  • Letterman: “It’s not okay for you to say unfunny jokes where the bottom line is, ‘Isn’t Rosie a dyke?'”

Is she not?  What else is off-limits?

  • Trump: “I remember during his tirade about me [a few years ago], I was expecting the National Organization for Women to say, “It’s not okay for you to do this.” But they didn’t. So then I figured, this go-round, I will be my own National Organization for Women. It’s not okay — it’s not okay.”

Deputizing yourself as the arbiter of okay is a feature shared by would-be fascists. Decide for yourself what’s acceptable but don’t expect the world to follow your rules.

Here’s a simple maxim: If you’re more offended than one of  the professional indignation councils, you’re a tad hypersensitive.

And you sure as hell aren’t a role model.


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