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The Michael Savage of the left

Mitt Romney may be an soulless automaton who’ll say anything to get elected but does anyone really believe he’s a closet Klansman?

Lefty shitslinger John Aravosis alleges The Anchorman’s campaign slogan, “Keep America American,” was purposely pilfered from the Klan circa 1920, a charge repeated by MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts.

Aravosis has traveled this road before, accusing John McCain of playing “the torture card” and of making “propaganda videos for the enemy while claiming all the while to be a hero.”

Whatever credibility Aravosis may have had was lost four years ago. I suspect he didn’t have much to begin with.


2 thoughts on “The Michael Savage of the left Leave a comment

  1. I think Romney’s campaign is just ignorant about the provenance of the slogan. Did John Aravosis say that Romney purposely used the slogan? No. If he did I don’t think MSNBC would have taken the bait. Just another example of smear by innuendo.

    Still, I cringe at “Keep America American”. Sounds like something the nativists would have said during the anti-catholic hysteria of the 1800s.

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