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Fox conspiring to destroy the animated sitcom

Fox has bought TWO new series featuring Russell Brand, the UK’s answer to Adam Sandler (or, as Heinrich suggests, the Brits’ idea of payback for Madonna). Besides an unscripted late night show on FX, Katy Perry’s husband has been tapped to appear in an animated comedy about himself. It’s written and produced by the team behind “Bob’s Burgers,” a show I’ve never read about, heard anyone discuss or watch. Not exactly buzzworthy, much like the network’s desperate attempt to bring back 2004 with an animated version of  “Napoleon Dynamite.” I don’t have to watch “Allen Gregory” to know I don’t like a show about an all-knowing, smart-ass prep schooler voiced by Jonah Hill. On top of that Fox has run “The Simpsons” so far into the ground they’re airing it live in China.

What’s next, a remake of “The Critic?”

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