The pedophile Syracuse basketball coach and his pervy wife

The other college sports molestation scandal is all but confirmed by this disgusting exchange between the alleged victim and the predator’s wife.

“When he gave you the money, what does he want for that? He wants you to grab him or he wanted to do you?” she asked.

“He wanted to do me. He wanted me to touch him, too. He tried to make me touch him a couple of times. He’d grab my hand, and then I’d pull away, and then he’d put me in your bed, and then you know, put me down, and I’d try to go away, and he’d put his arm on top of my chest. He goes, ‘If you want this money, you’ll stay right here,’ ” Davis said.

“Right. Right … ,” Laurie Fine said. “He just has a nasty attitude, because he didn’t get his money, nor did he get what he wanted. He didn’t get … ”

Davis interrupted her at that point and said, “It’s not about the money.” To which Laurie Fine replied, “It’s about the d—-. I know that. So you’re — I’m just telling you for your own good, you’re better off just staying away from him.”

Davis said he recorded the conversation because he knew he would need more than just his word against that of Bernie Fine’s—a respected coach in the area for over 35 years. He needed proof and turned to Laurie Fine—with whom he had also been sexually involved—and recorded his conversations with her. At the time of the recording, both he and Fine were in states that do not require consent to record phone conversations.

Laurie Fine said her husband “thinks he’s above the law,” which is understandable, since he’s a major figure of a top collegiate sports program.

The complicity of law enforcement in both this case and at Penn State needs to be a bigger story.

2 responses to “The pedophile Syracuse basketball coach and his pervy wife”

  1. Is it true that ESPN sat on this story for years? I am not a journalist, but I cannot imagine why they didn’t do something with the tape, such as forward it to the attorney general.

  2. Apparently they did hand it over to law enforcement but never reported it until now bec. they lacked a corroborating source.

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