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How long will the GOP suicide pact continue?

Newt Gingrich? Come on, Republicans. Newt’s an unbearably smug relic whose personal baggage should keep him out of the Oval Office. Ditching your cancer-stricken wife for a younger woman isn’t a youthful indiscretion — it’s the calling card of an a-hole.

There is an alternative but apparently he’s too reasonable. By that I mean he doesn’t hate gays, engage in conspiratorial nonsense about Obama, reject science or play to the dittoheads.

Nominate Jon Huntsman and independents will be yours. Or follow buffoons like Limbaugh down a path to irrelevance and certain defeat.

Your call.

3 thoughts on “How long will the GOP suicide pact continue? Leave a comment

  1. On a personal level I just do not like Jon Huntsman. He is strange looking. But he is the only Republican whose head isn’t up his ass, foreign-policy wise.

  2. Better to be strange looking than strange or brazenly uninformed. Actually, the only one who isn’t strange looking is Michele Bachmann, who is strangely attractive (unlike School Marm Palin).

  3. Bachmann attractive? First time I’ve seen those two words in the same sentence. By the way, I’d vote for Huntsman, but not as my first choice.

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