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Yet another conservative victim (and this one’s gay)

As you’ve no doubt noticed conservative Christians are the most persecuted group in all the world, be they female (Sarah Palin), black (Herman Cain) or gay (one of the cast members of Logo’s ode to Amos ‘n’ Andy, “The A-List: Dallas”).

A cast member of the gay reality TV show “A-List Dallas” tells The Daily Caller that he was punched to the ground and bloodied Friday night by someone vandalizing his car because he’s a gay conservative associated with commentator Ann Coulter.

Taylor Garrett, a Republican consultant in Texas who stars in the reality series on the channel LOGO TV, said in an interview that he was attacked outside a birthday party in Dallas after finding a vandal scratching “F–k Coulter” on the side of his car. …

Garrett said he begged the police not to put his name on the police report, because “I didn’t want to be in the press again about this,” but his friends convinced him otherwise.

Last month the “Gaymos and Dandy” star alleged that a “liberal” lobbed a rock through the window of his Dallas home. No police report then, either.


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