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Remember when conservatives loved Mitt Romney?


”I think the one candidate of the three still out there on our side that matter… in saying who more closely embodies all three legs of this conservative stool, you’d have to say that it’s Mitt Romney. There’s actually no choice in the matter.”  Rush Limbaugh, Feb 4, 2008

“And if you ask me who the conservative, the most conservative in the race is, that most represents my values at this time, it is by far and away, Governor Romney. Sean Hannity, Jan. 31, 2008

”Do you know why I lean towards Mitt Romney? … I lean towards Mitt Romney because I watch his family. I know his family and I know the people around him. That’s why I lean towards him… the reason why I think we have to look at the man, … not just his record, but I need to look at the man because I really, truly believe we’re entering a period where things are going to happen faster and faster and the President has got to feel something in the core of his being.” Glenn Beck, Dec. 12, 2007

“I’m going to see your endorsement and raise you an announcement. February 12th is the big D.C. primary– I’m pulling the lever for Mitt Romney! No doubt about it. No hesitation.” Laura Ingraham, Feb. 8, 2008

“The only one left standing, the only one, after all these weeks of voting, who can honestly be said to share most, most of our conservative principles is Romney.” Mark Levin, Jan. 31, 2008


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