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The year in Russell Simmons

Recently I volunteered how Russell Simmons struck me as a “big phony,” despite scant evidence. Just a gut feeling.

Score one for my gut.

Since then we’ve seen Simmons defend woman-beating thug Chris Brown and identify with Occupy Wall Street (even though he owns a house with a gold toilet and peddles pre-paid debit cards that exploit the poor). Now the self-identified yogi is sticking up for Kim Kardashian, excoriating the public  for questioning the motives behind the fame whore’s 62-day marriage.

I knew before it hit the press and exploded into a media firestorm of speculation and rumors that Kim Kardashian was going to file for divorce from her husband Kris. We had a heart to heart talk just a few days prior where we shared our thoughts about life, love, celebrity and well, actually Occupy Wall Street (my current favorite subject).

So of course I wasn’t surprised by yesterday’s news but what I WAS surprised about was how many people believed her marriage was a fake and the divorce a media ploy to push her already famous face further into the minds of the public while making off with the motherload in the process. … To those people I say shame on you. …

The truth is, Kim is human just like you.

Except that she’s not a hater like us non-celebrity scum.


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