President Obama responds to Ben Stiller

Like a few other Hollywood notables, Ben Stiller isn’t thrilled with President Barack Obama these days.

Talking politics with CNN’s Piers Morgan, the “Zoolander” actor said it’s “been frustrating to see that we haven’t gotten further than, I think we would have hoped, in the last few years.” …

“I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen more bold decisions from him and a willingness, I think, to maybe stick to more of what he had, in his campaign, had said in terms of what he was willing to do,” he said.

The president responds:

“It’s been frustrating that Ben Stiller’s career hasn’t progressed beyond ‘Meet the Fockers’ sequels and countless romantic comedies co-starring Jennifer Aniston. I used to enjoy his work — 20 movies ago.

“If anyone knows about being unwilling to make bold decisions, it’s Ben Stiller. That is, unless you consider a sequel to ‘Night at the Museum’ bold.

“You re-made ‘The Heartbreak Kid.’ I killed bin Laden. And it wasn’t me who turned Robert DeNiro into a parody of himself.”

“Now that’ll be enough out of you.”

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