‘Crocodile Blondee’ star to teach Home Ec

Gawker asks: Should this gay porn star be allowed to teach high school kids? No fucking way. He’s a porn star — not 20 years ago but in 2010. I hardly think it’s prudish to suggest people who have sex for money shouldn’t teach kids. If porn has become just another career choice we’re screwed.

Let this be my last post about disingenuous buffoon Herman Cain

It’s sad that the failure of Herman Cain’s campaign will be blamed on his sexual peccadilloes. I would’ve preferred the embodiment of talk radio’s wet dream been disqualified due to his uncomfortably long embrace of stupidity. “We need a leader, not a reader.” Damn elitist multi-taskers! Earlier tonight Cain delivered what was to be a … Continue reading Let this be my last post about disingenuous buffoon Herman Cain

Cap du jour, Disney edition

Two loyal Malcontenters visiting Disney World with their 5-year-old sent along this snapshot. The people-watching has made their trip a little more tolerable. I’d only go to Disney if the alternative was attending a diversity workshop.

How NOT to cure a homophobe

Before she was expelled from a school counselor program at Augusta State University due to her anti-gay beliefs, grad student Jennifer Keeton was asked to attend diversity sensitivity workshops and the city’s gay pride parade. Might as well inject her with a nausea-inducing drug and force her to watch hardcore gay porn to a soundtrack … Continue reading How NOT to cure a homophobe

Judge Tea Party by the candidates they support

At various points the Tea Party has vaulted Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain into front-runner status. Not a very good batting average. There’s a price to be paid when you confuse talk show hosts with leaders. Each of the aforementioned candidates was “legitimized” by talk radio and each, to varying degrees, … Continue reading Judge Tea Party by the candidates they support

Whatever happened to Hare Krishnas at airports?

I think I might’ve seen them there, years ago, but sometimes I confuse memories with movies. Perhaps they moved to bus terminals, though I suspect one of the less committed but cooler Krishnas convinced them airports were so 1977. Probably their first webmaster. Dude named Devadidev. ANSWER: They’ve gone mainstream.