‘Crocodile Blondee’ star to teach Home Ec

Gawker asks: Should this gay porn star be allowed to teach high school kids?

No fucking way.

He’s a porn star — not 20 years ago but in 2010. I hardly think it’s prudish to suggest people who have sex for money shouldn’t teach kids.

If porn has become just another career choice we’re screwed.

As lies mount, Cain’s hubris grows

Herman Cain plays the victim card — didn’t see that coming.

WEST CHESTER, Ohio (AP) — His campaign rocked anew, a feisty Herman Cain claimed a “groundswell of positive support” from backers on Wednesday and accused critics of trying to derail his White House bid as he worked to stem the fallout from allegations of a 13-year extramarital affair.

“They’re attacking my character, my reputation and my name in order to try to bring me down,” a feisty Cain told a friendly crowd without naming his critics. “But, you see, I don’t believe that America is going to let that happen.”

Let this be my last post about disingenuous buffoon Herman Cain

'Of all the Cornbreads, Cedric Maxwell is my favorite'

It’s sad that the failure of Herman Cain’s campaign will be blamed on his sexual peccadilloes.

I would’ve preferred the embodiment of talk radio’s wet dream been disqualified due to his uncomfortably long embrace of stupidity.

We need a leader, not a reader.”

Damn elitist multi-taskers!

Earlier tonight Cain delivered what was to be a “formalization” of the candidate’s views on foreign policy. He would’ve been better off taking questions from reporters about his affair (including “alleged” would be an insult to your intelligence, like saying you phone women at 4:30 in the morning to offer them financial advice).

A sampling:

Like any self-respecting motivational speaker, Cain brought along his own overhead projector.

Cain unveiled a new map to illustrate his view on America’s relationship with other countries.

Explaining the map to those in attendance at the speech, Cain described the map of the world, and pointed out that it included highlights showing the density of Facebook connections.

“Where you see the most liked, that’s where there is the most amount of freedom. Secondly, where you see the most liked is where you see the greatest amount of economic development,” he said. …

Libya, which he famously stumbled through an answer about in an editorial board interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier this month, is listed as “clarity needed.”

Herman Cain is a moron.

He’s also a bigot who is a “great friend” to other bigots.

He knows nothing about history, as demonstrated by his endorsement of Tiger Woods for president.

History may bode well for a Tiger Woods presidential bid. In 1952, Dwight Eisenhower, then a popular former World War II general and Supreme Commander of Allied forces in Europe, cruised to victory with 83 percent of the electoral vote over political insider Adlai Stevenson, the Democratic governor of Illinois.

(Because winning The Masters is every bit as impressive as successfully invading France and Germany during WWII.)

If nothing else, judge him by his supporters.

She says she has known him for 12 years and he’s “never been anything but a gentlemen – and I am not an unattractive woman.”

[Lori] Klein suggested that if Cain is innocent he should sue White for libel and went on to attack the media for digging up the allegations. She also said that in politics, “we want a virgin to do a hooker’s job.”

Klein is a state senator from Arizona notorious for carrying her raspberry-pink gun around the Capitol and pointing it at a reporter’s face. She is the new front-runner for the GOP nomination.

I wonder if she knows China already has nukes.

I’m not always cynical

Just in time for the holidays, Elvis Costello has a new $225 box set for sale — and he’s telling fans NOT to buy it. …

“Unfortunately, we at www.elviscostello.com find ourselves unable to recommend this lovely item to you as the price appears to be either a misprint or a satire,” Costello wrote on his website.

Costello tried to get the record company to knock the price down, but was unsuccessful. So he is recommending buying the work of another legendary artist.

Not everyone is buying Costello’s mea culpa.

He’s pandering to the Occupy crowd. “Oh, I’m sorry; I wasn’t trying to be a billionaire. I just wanted to be a millionaire.”

Total gimmick, designed to actually GET YOU TO BUY THE SET.

First off, Costello has no say in pricing the box set and I doubt he’s delusional enough to think the Occupants are his audience. And you have to question the psychology that suggests people will spend $225 simply because they’re told not to.

I’ll choose to give Costello credit for being properly embarrassed. He’s inspired me to charge only $39.99 to watch this clip.

How NOT to cure a homophobe

Before she was expelled from a school counselor program at Augusta State University due to her anti-gay beliefs, grad student Jennifer Keeton was asked to attend diversity sensitivity workshops and the city’s gay pride parade.

Might as well inject her with a nausea-inducing drug and force her to watch hardcore gay porn to a soundtrack featuring Lady Gaga and the Weather Girls.

Tonight’s Hannity today: Media attacks force Herman Cain to ‘reassess’ campaign

I think it’s safe to assume Herman Cain’s wife will be voting Democratic again this year.

Judge Tea Party by the candidates they support

At various points the Tea Party has vaulted Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain into front-runner status. Not a very good batting average.

There’s a price to be paid when you confuse talk show hosts with leaders. Each of the aforementioned candidates was “legitimized” by talk radio and each, to varying degrees, represents the superficial, antagonistic zealotry that has consumed much of the conservative movement.

Their influence also led sober-minded, experienced candidates like Mitch Daniels and John Thune to sit out this election. They were too reasonable for the Tea Party and they knew it. Look no further than Jon Huntsman who, despite being regarded as the GOP’s best hope at beating Obama, trails the Neanderthal slate in all the polls.

The pedophile Syracuse basketball coach and his pervy wife

The other college sports molestation scandal is all but confirmed by this disgusting exchange between the alleged victim and the predator’s wife.

“When he gave you the money, what does he want for that? He wants you to grab him or he wanted to do you?” she asked.

“He wanted to do me. He wanted me to touch him, too. He tried to make me touch him a couple of times. He’d grab my hand, and then I’d pull away, and then he’d put me in your bed, and then you know, put me down, and I’d try to go away, and he’d put his arm on top of my chest. He goes, ‘If you want this money, you’ll stay right here,’ ” Davis said.

“Right. Right … ,” Laurie Fine said. “He just has a nasty attitude, because he didn’t get his money, nor did he get what he wanted. He didn’t get … ”

Davis interrupted her at that point and said, “It’s not about the money.” To which Laurie Fine replied, “It’s about the d—-. I know that. So you’re — I’m just telling you for your own good, you’re better off just staying away from him.”

Davis said he recorded the conversation because he knew he would need more than just his word against that of Bernie Fine’s—a respected coach in the area for over 35 years. He needed proof and turned to Laurie Fine—with whom he had also been sexually involved—and recorded his conversations with her. At the time of the recording, both he and Fine were in states that do not require consent to record phone conversations.

Laurie Fine said her husband “thinks he’s above the law,” which is understandable, since he’s a major figure of a top collegiate sports program.

The complicity of law enforcement in both this case and at Penn State needs to be a bigger story.

Why are gays so gullible?

Accidentally caught a little bit of the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special at a friend’s house tonight. Unplanned, but we couldn’t turn away.

Especially when she shared her tale of bullying. Apparently Stefani Germanotta wasn’t allowed to sit at the popular table in the prep school cafeteria. Bravely, she soldiered on.

She should be grateful. Everyone knows the inhabitants of the popular table end up unhappily married living in the same town they grew up in. And if that’s the worst “bullying” she could summon then I hardly relate.

Of course Lady Gaga is a hero in the gay community because she speaks out in favor of same-sex marriage, which doesn’t qualify as courageous. She’s just satisfying her audience. Were she Toby Keith making the same pronouncements I’d be impressed.

Even though the fraud that is Gaga has been thoroughly exposed my gay brothers and sisters (mostly brothers) continue to look the other way. Are we so desperate?

Although she presents herself as the clarion voice of all the freaks and misfits of life, there is little evidence that she ever was one. Her upbringing was comfortable and eventually affluent, and she attended the same upscale Manhattan private school as Paris and Nicky Hilton. There is a monumental disconnect between Gaga’s melodramatic self-portrayal as a lonely, rebellious, marginalised artist and the powerful corporate apparatus that bankrolled her makeover and has steamrollered her songs into heavy rotation on radio stations everywhere.

Gays used to be a discriminating audience, but, regrettably, that cliche has long expired.

EDINA MONSOON: “You gay men are all alike. Give you a rich bitch with a drug habit and you’re anybody’s aren’t you??”

Whatever happened to Hare Krishnas at airports?

I couldn't even find a picture of Krishnas at an airport.

I think I might’ve seen them there, years ago, but sometimes I confuse memories with movies.

Perhaps they moved to bus terminals, though I suspect one of the less committed but cooler Krishnas convinced them airports were so 1977. Probably their first webmaster. Dude named Devadidev.


They’ve gone mainstream.