The National Review on 9-9-9

His 9-9-9 plan builds on the insight that one of the chief defects of the current tax code is its bias toward consumption over savings. But his plan’s peculiarities of design, substantive weaknesses, and political naïveté render it unworthy of conservative support.

If rich people can get mad about their taxes being raised so can I. Cain is a motivational speaker masquerading as a serious political candidate. Glib sloganeering does not a president make.

5 responses to “The National Review on 9-9-9”

  1. Everyone recognizes taxes will go up on the working poor. How do you justify that?

  2. Taxes will actually go down on the working poor. I’m willing to bet in a competitive marketplace prices of commodities will actually go down as they always seem to do when there is competition. It is highly unlikely that 999 will get implemented as proposed, but it is a start in the right direction in reorganizing our busted tax system.

  3. I’m a fan of Newt’s plan as well:

    15% flat income tax, no capital gains, no death tax, corporate tax lowered to 12.5%. Starving the beast who managed to increase spending by 5% in 2011 will be a good thing.

  4. You lost me with the Dick Morris video. Taxes will go up on the working poor — even Cain acknowledges it.

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