Comparing Wall Street occupation to Arab Spring is an affront

The millions of Arabs who took to the streets in the past year did so at great peril to their lives and that of their families. They risked much more than a night in jail or eviction from a public park.

Nasser Weddady, blogger activist and Civil Rights Outreach Director at the American Islamic Congress says that while he is sympathetic to American protesters, he does not believe they have a clue about what really went on in the Middle East this year.

“Occupy Wall Street planners only see the skeleton of the Arab spring movement,” he said.  “They don’t know that it was an evolutionary process, the result of decades of work, trial and error, and eventual breakthroughs. These people went out in the streets out of shared desperation after all other means had been exhausted. And they knew full well that they could die for it.”

The worst that happens in American streets, says Weddady, is that “protesters get pepper-sprayed.”

2 responses to “Comparing Wall Street occupation to Arab Spring is an affront”

  1. Well neither care for the Jews

    The Tea Party folks were labeled racist just cause – no proof – just cause

    And there are multiple incidents where the occupy folks are stating it is all the Jews faults the MSM crickets… If the Tea Party folks had done anything even close to this it would be all over the press.

    The blatant anti-semitism doesn’t seem to bother a soul on the left.
    Harking back to the Arab spring and other times in history….

  2. Wrong link above, but those are the Occupy folks

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